Scope and Objectives

The aim of the 1st European Conference on Gas Micro Flows is to advance research in Europe and worldwide in the field of gas micro flows as well as to improve global fundamental knowledge and to enable technological applications. Gas flows in microsystems are of great importance that touch almost every industrial field (e.g. fluidic microactuators for active control of aerodynamic flows, vacuum generators for extracting biological samples, mass flow and temperature micro-sensors, pressure gauges, micro heat-exchangers for the cooling of electronic components or for chemical applications). The main characteristic of gas microflows is their rarefaction, which for device design often requires modelling and simulation both by continuous and molecular approaches. In such flows various non-equilibrium transport phenomena appear, while the role played by the interaction between the gas and the solid device surfaces becomes essential. The proposed models of boundary conditions often require an empirical adjustment strongly dependent on the micro manufacturing technique.

The 1st European Conference on Gas Micro Flows is organized under the umbrella of the recently established GASMEMS network ( consisting of 13 participants and 6 associate members. The main objectives of the network are to structure research and to train researchers in the fields of micro gas dynamics, measurement techniques in micro experimental setups, microstructure design and micro manufacturing with applications in lab and industry.

The conference will take place from June 6-8, 2012, in the Skiathos Palace Hotel, ( in the beautiful island of Skiathos, Greece at the Aegean Sea.